Things to do in London; Treasure Hunts

London Treasure Hunt.




The Great Game is a unique treasure hunt with real treasure (the pub!)

You are given a treasure map, compass and clues to find your way along the route. You will explore the city and reveal where to draw the X on the map to show the location of the treasure - a great pub with discount!


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London treasure hunt


The Great Game London treasure hunt has 11 locations spread across the city. Each one takes in a different area, different sites, different landmarks. Whatever you are looking for we have it covered. Choose from

  • Bloomsbury - 2.7 miles in length - treasure is traditional London pub with 20% off when ordering food.
  • Greenwich - 3 miles - treasure is modern pub and surroundings with 20% off when ordering food.
  • Hampstead Heath - 3.3 miles - treasure is rustic pub with a great beer garden and 20% off when ordering food.
  • Hyde Park - 3 miles - treasure is a great pub tuck away on a side street with 20% off when ordering food.
  • Regents Park - 3.2 miles - treasure is classic London pub which is busy in the hours after work receive 20% off when ordering food or 10% off drinks.
  • Richmond - 3 miles - treasure is busy pub with a vibrant atmosphere and 20% off when ordering food.
  • South Bank - 2.75 - treasure is a great pub which is busy straight after work and sits in a good location. Get 10% off food or drink.
  • The City - 2.5 miles in length - treasure is historic pub with 20% off when ordering food.
  • The East End - 3.2 miles - treasure is an old pub with wooden beams, receive 10% off food or drink.
  • The West End - 2.5 miles - treasure is a charming pub close to transport and landmarks with 20% off when ordering food or 10% off drinks.
  • Westminster - 2.75 miles - treasure is a great traditional pub with 20% off when ordering food or 10% off drinks.

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London team building


London Team Building

  • The capital has 2 race locations ideal for anybody planning a London team building event.
  • The 2 locations are The City and Westminster.
  • Both have 2 routes starting at the same point and finishing at the same treasure pub. Thus just team up pick a route and race each other to the end.
  • Each team will see the city plus use each others skills to complete the hunt and be rewarded with drinks and food at the end, perfect for a London team building day out.


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London treasure hunt pub crawl


London Pub Crawl

  • The London pub crawl last 4 miles and visits 4 different pubs.
  • At each pub you can receive 20% off your food or 10% off drinks.
  • There are 2 routes - The Bobby Moore Route and The Charlie Chaplin, both start at the same point and stop at the same pubs so if you have a big group you can split up and race each other along the route.
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London museum quiz 


London Museum Quiz

  • Choose from 4 of London's top attractions, the London museum quiz will lead you around the establishment taking in all its highlights.
  • Great for a rainy day activity.
  • At the end use the answer to decipher a coded message and reveal directions to a nearby pub where you can receive discount as a prize.

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