Things to do in Bristol; Treasure Hunts

Bristol Treasure Hunt.




The Great Game is a unique treasure hunt with real treasure (the pub!)

You are given a treasure map, compass and clues to find your way along the route. You will explore the city and reveal where to draw the X on the map to show the location of the treasure - a great pub with discount!



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Bristol treasure hunt



Our Bristol Treasure hunt starts from St Peters church in Castle park and winds across the whole city taking in its famous sites but also discovering lesser know areas. Here's some key features of the Bristol treasure hunt:

  • 2.75 miles in length.
  • Finishes in a different area of the city to the start.
  • Race Route - there are 2 routes (Bristol & Bristol Brycgstow) both start & finish at the same points so you can team up and race to the end.
  • Treasure pub is cosy with a family atmosphere.
  • The route is quite hilly.
  • See all of Bristol's famous landmarks.
  • See some of the city's street art.
  • See its historical sites.
  • 20% off your bill when ordering food.

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Bristol team building

Bristol Team Building

  • The city is a race location meaning its perfect for Bristol team building!
  • There are two routes both starting at the same spot and finishing at the same treasure pub.
  • They are of equal length and inter-twine which each other, thus is possible to team up and race against each other to the pub.
  • Perfect for Bristol team building as it gets you exercising your mind + body and challenges the team to solve puzzles and riddles.


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