Special Event - Treasure Hunt to find £500 buried cash!

The Great Game is bringing to you this Summer

The Great Game is bringing to you this Summer the UK's largest one off team race to win real buried treasure cash! Teams of two, three or four players can enter and the hunt and will hunt all around zones 1-3 in London, finding clues to work out at which pub the cash is hidden! You will be competing with up to 20 teams to win the cash!

The hunt will lead you around London city taking in all its famous landmarks and explaining a little bit of its history along the way, so you will get your monies worth even if you don't win! :)

What to expect in your teams:

  • An exciting day out.

  • Exploring famous landmarks and secret back streets.

  • Challenge yourself with puzzles, riddles, codes and orienteering work.

  • When you are successful you will find out the Pub where the treasure is buried.

  • The treasure is buried at a great pub where you can relax and have some food and drink at the end.

What's given to you on the day:

  • Clues sheet

  • Treasure map

  • Clipboard

  • Pen

  • Compass

  • Wristbands

  • T shirts

How to book:

  1. Choose your ticket for a team of 2 people, 3 people or 4 people. You only need one ticket per group of this size. No Teams over 4 can enter.

  2. Bring your ticket on the day to The Buckingham Arms on Petty France for 12 midday. 

  3. Have a zone 1-3 all day travel card to get around London.

    To book click here!


    Good luck!