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Outdoor Treasure Hunt / Museum Quiz

How long do the treasure hunts take?

What should I wear?

Is it suitable for kids?

How many people can go on a hunt?

Do I need to book?

What happens if I get stuck or lost?

Is there an age restriction?

Are the routes suitable for a wheelchair user?

I haven't got my pack what should I do?

How hard are the hunts?

How does the Race Pack work?

I'm confused on how many to buy for a Race Pack...

How does the pub discount work?

I have a digital hunt, what should I bring?

The hunt I played had some questions that have changed or are out of date what should I do?

There is something missing from my pack what should I do?

Is there anything specific I need to know before going on my treasure hunt?




Wanderlust Treasure Hunt Club

How long do the digital hunts take?

How many people can play?

How hard is it, is it suitable for kids?

Is it suitable for zoom calls?

I can't sign in?

The page is white and/or not loading

How do I cancel my account?

Why have I been charged?

I can't access the next page of the treasure hunt

I'm entering the correct answer but it's saying its incorrect

I can't find the answer on Google Earth



What's the difference between Puzmat and Pu2mat?

How long does it take to complete?

How hard are the puzzles?

Is it suitable for kids?

Can I use it again?

Can it be played on zoom?

Puzmat money back guarantee

How big is it?

Do I need anything extra to play?

What happens if I get stuck?

Can I play outside?

Does the password change?


Team Days & Events

What can you do for me?

Can you create bespoke events?


Delivery & Shipping

When will my order be shipped?

How long will it take to get my order and what is the shipping cost?

Can I track my order?

Can I change my order after it has been placed?

Do I have to pay a customs fee?

What countries do you ship to?


Returns & Refunds

At the Great Game we try our best to live up to the highest standards of customer satisfaction. If we have made an error or the quality of our products falls short of your expectations, rest assured we will hold our hands up in the air, accept fault and look after you with vouchers, freebie gifts and refunds.

How do I return a product or get a refund?

What happens if my order gets lost in the post?

Puzmat money back guarantee