Things to do in Oxford; Treasure Hunts

Oxford Treasure Hunt.




The Great Game is a unique treasure hunt with real treasure (the pub!)

You are given a treasure map, compass and clues to find your way along the route. You will explore the city and reveal where to draw the X on the map to show the location of the treasure - a great pub with discount!


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Oxford treasure hunt


The Oxford treasure hunt key points:

  • 2.25 miles in length - one of  our shorter hunts.
  • Finishing location is in a city centre location nearby to attractions and transport links.
  • Race Route - there are 2 routes (Oxford & Oxanforda) both start and finish at the same points so you are able to race to the end.
  • The end is an historic pub with old architecture. 
  • The route is mainly flat and easy to navigate.
  • Explore all the cities famous landmarks.
  • Take in the area's you might not normally visit.
  • Read up and the rich history and stories of the people and buildings of the city.
  • 20% off your bill when ordering food.

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Oxford team building


Oxford Team Building

  • Oxford has 2 routes making it a race location. This is great for an Oxford team building day out.
  • Both the routes start at the train station and wind their way across the city to the same treasure (the pub!).
  • They are of similar length and inter-twine with each other meaning you will see the opposing team as your race each other to the treasure.
  • Perfect for Oxford team building to explore the whole city and brings your team together to successfully find the treasure and bond over some food and drink.


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Oxford museum quiz


Oxford Museum Quiz

  • Located at the cites top venue the Oxford museum quiz will lead you around its displays highlighting the key features.Its all inside so good for a rainy day.
  • Use the completed answers to crack a coded message leading you to a pub nearby at which you can receive a prize of 20% off your bill when ordering food.
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