Things to do in Cambridge; Treasure Hunts

Cambridge Treasure Hunt.




The Great Game is a unique treasure hunt with real treasure (the pub!)

You are given a treasure map, compass and clues to find your way along the route. You will explore the city and reveal where to draw the X on the map to show the location of the treasure - a great pub with discount!



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Cambridge treasure hunt



Our Cambridge treasure hunt starts from the train station and ventures towards the city centre, see the cities most famous sites and backstreets away from the tourists:

  • 2.5 miles in length.
  • The finishing point is far from the starting position.
  • Race Route - there are 2 routes (Cambridge & Cambridge Granta Bryg) both starting at the train station and finishing at the same pub so you can race to it.
  • Classic pub with a friendly atmosphere
  • The hunt follows a flat route, its not very physically demanding. 
  • Check out all Cambridge's must see landmarks.
  • See the famous punting boats along the River Cam.
  • 20% off your bill when ordering food.

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Cambridge team building

Cambridge Team Building

  • As this is a race location its perfect for Cambridge team building.
  • There are two routes both starting at the train station and finishing at the treasure pub.
  • These routes are similar in length and inter-wind along their way so you can team up and race to the end but expect to bump into each other on the way.
  • Great for Cambridge team building to see the sites but also challenge your team to solve the clues and win the race. Then reward your team with some discounted food and drink.


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