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    How does it work? There are two routes which start & finish at the same spot and are of equal length so its possible to team up and race.

    • Start: St Peter's Church in Castle Park.
    • Length: 2.75 miles, 3 hours.
    • Treasure: Beautifully decorated relaxing pub (20% off total food & drink bill).
    • Route Info: Both routes run the whole distance of the city intertwining and taking in all Bristol is famous for!

    Each pack is for two persons only. For more people please add to order, every person receives a personal compass and wristband or specific digital code to obtain discount.

    Select your copy - Please choose from the drop down menu whether you would like a hard copy or digital copy. (Digital copies are at the bottom).

    FREE Delivery: E-copies download link sent immediately or hard copies delivered between 5 - 7 working days.

    Discount: The discount is for the total bill when a main meal is purchased per person. 
    ​Pub opening times
    Monday 12pm - 11pm          
    Tuesday 12pm - 12am                       
    Wednesday 12pm - 12am 
    Thursday 12pm - 12am                                            
    Friday 12pm - 12am
    Saturday 12pm - 12am
    Sunday 12pm - 11pm
    U18s - welcome anytime.
    Kitchen opening times will be different. In general closing 2 hours before bar times.