Berlin Treasure Hunt

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Start: Outside the Reichstag building.

  • Length: 5 km, 3 - 4 hours.
  • Treasure: A great pub with good food & drink + reveal the password to access the Berlin Treasure Page  for exclusive offers, deals, fun and games!
  • Route Info: This route winds across the district and heads past the city’s most famous landmarks and explores its interesting streets!

Delivery - PDF document is email to you after purchase. The hunt is designed to be used on a mobile device or printed out (find the printer friendly version at the end). If you are using just on a mobile device it is advisable to bring a pen and paper with you to help solving clues. If you are printing out it then bring a pen to write on the clues sheet. For both we recommend using a digital or physical compass as well as the one provide on the treasure map.

Languages - English only.

Pub opening times

Monday 12pm - 12am          
Tuesday 12pm - 12am                                 
Wednesday 12pm - 12am       
Thursday 12pm - 12am                                          
Friday 12pm - 12am    
Saturday 12pm - 12am      
Sunday 12pm - 12am

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