Team Days and Events

Planning a team building activity, corporate day or celebration in the UK?

The Great Game has the perfect mix of:

  • Bonding over challenges.
  • A shared unusual experience.
  • Socialising over food & drink.

We have 3 options on offer, choose the perfect one for you and get planning with Bryn using the form below!

We also offer bespoke treasure hunts that aren't off the shelf products. These are highly tailored to your needs. Get in touch with Bryn if you're looking for a quote! 😀

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Treasure Hunt Races and Scavenger Hunts

  • Multiple treasure hunts which start at the same spot and finish at the same treasure pub.
  • The hunts are the same distance and inter-twine with each other.
  • Split into teams and race each other to the pub!
  • Receive discount off your food and drink (10-20%) we can also reserve an area/table and arrange food & drinks.
  • We have a huge portfolio of pub partners who can arrange buffets, tabs and event spaces at their venues.
  • We have double race locations in Bath, Bedfordshire, Birmingham, Bristol Cambridge, Edinburgh, Manchester, Oxford and London
  • There's also a 10 route Event Pack in Westminster!
  • And we have a non linear Scavenger Hunt around London that involves activities at some of Londons greatest landmarks!

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Check out these fancy dress pictures of a treasure hunt race team building exercise:

treasure hunt race team building exercise


Pub Crawl

  • There are 4 pubs each with a short roughly 1 mile treasure hunt between them.
  • Start at the first pub where you must solve a puzzle to begin.
  • Follow the clues to lead you to the next pub.
  • In each pub there is discount off food and drink.
  • In each pub there is a prize activity pack to be opened which contains history on the pubs/area and some puzzles/brain teasers/quizzes to attempt.
  • Available in for a single pub crawl in Birmingham and a Race double pub craw in London!

Get in contact to start planning today! Find the details in the footer. 

Puzmat Competitions

  • Perfect for an indoor event
  • Get 1 Puzmat and go for it or buy multiple, team up and race each other!

puzmat team building

Puzmat is a unique exciting puzzle mat game for all the family! We are sure you haven't played anything like it and guarantee you will enjoy it! 😁😍

What is it?

  • An original exciting puzzle mat game!
  • A mat covered with puzzles, brainteasers, and questions.
  • Played on the floor or a table.
  • Like an Escape Room on a mat!
  • For your information - Puzmat and Pu2mat are of the same concept but have entirely different puzzles and you can play them in any order.

How does it work?

  • Solve all the puzzles to create shapes in each coloured area.
  • Cut out these shapes and arrange them correctly in order to work out the password.
  • Use the password to access a secret treasure page on this website.

Things to note:

  • Suitable for up to 8 players of ages 8+ (the puzzles are of varying difficulty some easy some not so!).
  • Game time 2-4 hours (depends on team size). 

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